Powering Up / Powering Down 1/30/04-2/1/04
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Doreen LaMantia Maloney

“3/19, A View From My Porch” (video)

With the recent turn of events in world, I felt compelled to make a piece that reflects on the experience of a war from my vantage point here in Kentucky. “3/19, A View from my Porch”, utilizes time compression to concentrate an entire day's events in three minutes. I videotaped the entire 24-hour period of my life during the initial strike on Baghdad, the “Shock and Awe” campaign, and mixed it with the actual sounds of the strike on Baghdad and the war in Afghanistan. The result is a fusing of the disconnect between life as usual in the USA and the political reality forged by the government of the USA. This work pictures a resistance to the simulation of entertaining, safe and abstract television war. It tries to imagine for the viewer, via simulation, the real and frightening aspect of the sounds coming from the television.


Doreen LaMantia Maloney (videographer) is currently Assistant Professor of New Media at the University of Kentucky. She is also president of the New Media Caucus, affiliated with the College Art Association. Her work has been shown internationally in Naples, Italy; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Paris, France; Istanbul, Turkey; and Havana, Cuba; as well as throughout the United States. She holds degrees from Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has led a double life. Her original undergraduate degrees were in German and Russian languages and she holds a certificate from the Russian and East European Institute from Indiana University, as well as a Masters in Turkish History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“Powering Up/Powering Down” is sponsored in part by the University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), and the UC San Diego Department of Music in connection with the departments of Visual Arts, Music, and Literature at UCSD along with the UC Riverside and Los Angeles campuses.