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TEKNIKA RADICA is engineering a festival-colloquium of art in technological times titled “Powering Up/Powering Down.” Like a living opera, “Powering Up/Powering Down” assembles more than two dozen groundbreaking visual artists, musicians, writers and cultural critics. Drawn from across the U.S, as well as from Britain, Croatia, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Slovenia, and Turkey they offer three days of public concerts, exhibitions and workshops exploring our interactions with technology in contemporary culture. "Powering Up/Powering Down." Takes place on the campus of the University of California, San Diego from January 30th to February 1st, 2004.

Teknika Radica member Juliana Snapper (soprano) will team up with Miller Puckette (electronics) to perform Philippe Manoury's "En echo" (1993) this January 15, 2004. The first “score-following” piece for voice, this dynamic cycle of seven Emile Hocquart settings engages live electronics as an active performer extending the voice, and drawing on the vocal sonority to control selected aspects of the electronic part. "En echo" is presented by the Spruce Street Forum and the San Diego Museum of Art. 7pm January 15, The San Diego Museum of Art For tickets please call Ticketmaster 619-220-8497
On December 4, 2003,Teknika Radica hosted an all-star reading at Voltaire Street Space in downtown San Diego. Five incredible writers (Renee Gladman, Ali Liebegott, Eileen Myles, Anna Joy Springer, and Laurie Weeks) read from their work. An overflow crowd filled the Space and gave a warm welcome to these amazing writers. If you're in the San Diego area you'll get a chance to hear them again in early January; Teknika Radica is planning a repeat reading to benefit our conference, Powering Up/Powering Down. Watch this space for details!
On October 3-5, 2003, Teknika Radica took part in DSLRWest. DSLR is the Department of Space and Land Reclamation, an arts-activist group dedicated to the “occupation, intervention, recreation, and re-invention of public space”. DSLR has been active in Chicago and New York for over five years; DSLRWest is a newly-founded division, and this weekend was its first endeavor. Converging on San Francisco were artists, activists, and artist- activists who had dedicated their weekend to taking back the streets. As part of DSLRWest, Teknika Radica occupied women's rest rooms and dressing rooms in an attempt to draw attention to the problematics of these gendered spaces.
In May 2003 Teknika Radica curated the firebrand film series 5 Film Fridays in May. The festival highlighted film, video and animated features and shorts addressing the interface of social identity and arts technologies, including the work of Kenneth Anger, John Akomfra, Lizzie Borden, Cheryl Dunye, Sean Griffin, Donna Haraway, Molly Hein, Kara Lynch, Jennifer MacDonald, Ben Peikut, Paper Tiger Television and more!

Teknika Radica offers skill-sharing workshops designed around what each member knows; workshops are open to anyone in the San Diego area. Workshops that have been offered so far include programming for the web, and programming with pd. Planned workshops include web programming II, sound reinforcement for live concerts, using electronics in vocal performance, and silkscreening.

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