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Nina Eidsheim

nina (at) teknikaradica (dot) org

Nina Eidsheim received her BFA at Agder Music Conservatory in Krisitansand, Norway. She was awarded her MFA in Performance from the California Institute of the Arts in 2001, and is currently pursuing a PhD Degree in Critical Studies and Experimental Practices at UCSD. Eidsheim explores the voice as a creative musician both within and outside the parameters of classical Western music. Influenced by the work of Wadada Leo Smith, she has developed a desire to address social and political issues in conjunction with her explorations of the boundaries of current vocal techniques and digital processing of the voice. As an artist-scholar, her work explores and attempts to destabilize the intersections of voice/machine, gendered voice/machine and the domestication of technology. She is a two time recepient of the National Geographic Society Education Foundation (NGSEF) Grosvenor Grant (2002, 2003) for designing “Mapping the Beat”.

Nina in Romsdal's Bund.

Nina in Romsdal Bund (national costume from the West coast of Norway) made by maternal grandmothers. (Click image to enlarge.)

Set design for Voiced a piece in progress for voice and live electronics to be premiered in Bogota, Colombia 2004.
Nina Eidsheim, vocal and composition
Alba Triana, composition and electronics
Louis F. Henao, programming
Elodie Blanchard, design
(Click image to enlarge.)

Close up of red and grey rubberband sculptures with paper figures and fake grass. Close up of yellow rubberband sculpture with paper figure. Red and grey rubberband sculptures with paper figure.

Noisy Clothes. Roy O. Disney Hall, CalArts May 2000.

Noisy Clothes, a collaboration between French designer Elodie Blanchard and Norwegian singer and composer Nina Eidsheim, was an interdisciplinary project that focused on the sounds of "musical clothes" and a moving body. (Click image to enlarge.)

Nina in noisy clothes. A crowd of people in noisy clothes. More people in noisy clothes. Jonathan in noisy clothes.

Hexagon. CalArts, February 2001.

The collaboration between Nina Eidsheim (vocals and composition), Joachim Gossmann (computer music programming and composition), Damla Hacaloglu (scenic design), Jamie Hurlbut (3D animation), Marcela Ortizo (scenic design) resulted in an evening of dance, music, live-mixed animation with imagery addressing issues of genetic engineering of crops. (Click image to enlarge.)

cells damla

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